Credit Union Law

Credit Unions were established in order to create a non profit organization for the greater good. Although functioning under the principle of altruism credit unions are uniquely complex. Not only do credit unions require someone to understand the complexity of credit union law but someone capable of comprehending the law while embracing the member owned, non-profit nature of credit unions. Attorney Erika Cappiello has experience with Credit Union Law both in private law firm practice and as In-House Counsel. Cappiello Law is able to address the needs of credit unions with credit union law experience in a humanistic way that allows for the member and Credit Union relationship to stay in tact. Cappiello Law can provide your credit union with the utmost credentialed representation regarding Credit Union Law. Attorney Erika Cappiello has her NCCO (Certified Compliance Officer) designation with NAFCU (National Association of Federally-insured Credit Unions) and has kept her certification in good standing by attending continuing educational seminars. With the complexity of Credit Union Law and the understanding of how Credit Unions differ from banks, Cappiello Law can assist your Credit Union with keeping collections low and recovery rates high. Additionally, Cappiello Law can help your Credit Union in the areas of compliance, collections, bankruptcy, probate, real estate, powers of attorney, guardianships, trusts and other credit union related areas and credit union matters.