Collection Law

Attorney Erika Cappiello has a wide range of collections experience representing creditors including banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, mortgage servicers, various businesses, non-profits, utility companies, advertisement companies, universities and schools to name a few. She is experienced with all of the legal avenues to obtain payment on past due debts for all different types of entities. She excels at getting her client paid and creating successful work-out plans with debtors. Erika has knowledge and the ability to look ahead and know the pitfalls with different types of debtors and knows how to work around them. She works with strategy in mind to maximize on collection returns for her clients while minimizing losses and costs. Are you in need of assistance with collecting on a debt for your business? Is the debtor avoiding payment or not paying on time?
There are many things that can be done and Erika can assist with collection efforts.

There are many avenues to collect on a debt including pre-litigation, litigation, obtaining a judgment, post-judgment collections as well as garnishment of bank accounts and wages. There are many tactics that an experienced collection attorney, as Erika Cappiello is, can attest to. From vast experience in this area, she has done many creative settlements that work for all parties, all while minimizing the costs and losses for her client.