Autism Law and Autism Advocacy

As a parent or loved one of an autistic child or adult child, are you facing unique circumstances that you need assistance with? Receiving a new diagnosis can be overwhelming and confusing. If you are just starting out with a new diagnosis, Attorney Erika Cappiello can assist you with navigating the unique challenges of having a child on the spectrum. One of the first issues you may face as a parent, is if the school district is properly identifying your child’s disability. Erika can assist the parents in obtaining better programs and services as well as effecting advocating for the child.
Are you experiencing any challenges on behalf of the autistic child or adult? Do you feel that your autistic child or autistic adult child is being treated unfairly?
Sometimes navigating schooling, both public and private can be challenging for parents of autistic children. Especially in public schools where there are certain rules and requirements that must be met.
It’s possible to hire an attorney as an advocate to assist with the processes and help navigate the school systems. Erika personally understands the unique challenges of parenting an autistic child and can greatly assist with various aspects and direction needed when raising a child on the spectrum
Additionally, have you considered filing a guardianship near to and prior to the child’s eighteenth birthday. Speaking with Attorney Erika Cappiello to discuss the need for a guardianship and other estate planning needs for your child’s future is an important step prior to their eighteenth birthday. Erika can help you through letter writing written requests for assessments and assist with hiring necessary experts. Additionally, Erika can help you set up very important documents and pencil out a life plan together with the necessary documents and requirements to support it, all while keeping the cost down.